chapter  5
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Socio-Environmental Dimensions in Tropical Semi-open Spaces of High-rise Housing in Singapore

WithJoo-Hwa Bay, Na Wang, Qian Liang, Ping Kong

Traditionally, the angung and serambi (both veranda spaces) of the kampong (village) houses in the region (Chen, 1998; Lim, 1981) are environmentally conducive for various social activities, including children’s play, dining and receiving guests (Figure 5.1). Besides providing shade for the interior, reducing the direct heat from the sun, the veranda spaces are highly visible from the kampong streets, encouraging high levels of familiarity and neighbourliness

(Figure 5.2). A similar socio-climatic phenomenon is also observed in Bedok Court condominium that has a forecourt (veranda) to each apartment in the high-rise high-density context, where almost a hundred percent of the residents expressed that they have a strong sense of community and security (Figure 5.3).