chapter  8
24 Pages

In Search of a Habitable Urban Space-Built Ratio: A Case Study of Building and Planning Regulation in Dhaka City

WithQ.M. Mahtab-uz-Zaman, Fuad H. Mallick, A.Q.M. Abdullah and Jalal Ahmad

This chapter initiates the understanding that there is a disjointed approach to the building regulations that controls the urban built form and open space in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Results of the inefficiencies are the lack of appropriate social and environmental qualities in urban development practice especially in the context of the tropical climate. Building design seldom follows the design criteria for tropical climates that are necessary to bring a sustainable residential environment. This chapter introduces the gradual development of Dhaka, which experienced a massive urbanization process to respond to the growing population and in-migration from other urban, sub-urban, and rural areas.