chapter  7
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Young consumers: the influence of celebrity on clothing choices 123

WithEmma Bannister, Heva Nejad Aims

This chapter focuses on a segment of consumers who in the recent years have come to the forefront of marketers’ attention, young consumers between the ages of 8-13 years. Marketers identify these consumers as ‘tweens’, a term that reflects the similarities of their behaviour to another important yet slightly older segment, the teenagers. In recent years commentators, the media, marketers and parents have suggested that children are becoming skilful consumers at a younger age, which if harnessed effectively provides an enormous potential opportunity for marketing. In the wake of Marks and Spencer’s recent decision to sign up David Beckham as the inspiration behind their boys’ wear collection, this chapter seeks to provide an insight into the world of the young consumer and celebrity. More specifically we seek to explore one aspect of this market potential, the fascination of girls of this age with the culture of celebrity and the possible influences of celebrities on their clothing and fashion choices. Findings from a small study which looked at this subject, will be provided against a backdrop of relevant literature in this area.