chapter  5
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Understanding sport tourism experiences

WithHeather J. Gibson

In examining the experiences of sport tourists, many of these same concepts are relevant to understanding behavioural choices and patterns. Indeed, the proposition that different types of sport tourists can be identified is well established in the growing body of scholarship devoted to the topic. At the very least there is a distinction between active sport tourists who take part in sport on vacation and passive sport tourists who watch others participating in sport (e.g. Hall, 1992; Standeven and De Knop, 1999; Hinch and Higham, 2001). Taking a lead from Redmond (1991), Gibson (1998a, 1998b) proposed that there are three major forms of sport tourism: active, event and nostalgia. (Nostalgia sport tourism involves travelling to visit such sport attractions as famous stadia or halls of fame, or going on sports-themed cruises.) This chapter examines the experiences of different sport tourists and offers some models of explanation that might be used to understand these experiences.