chapter  2
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Creating the Leadership Scorecard, 32

WithLeadership Scorecard Pre-Work

Score is defined as the record of points or strokes made by competitors in a game or match; the act of making or earning a point or points; a tally (Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 1998). The same source defines “scorecard” as a card for keeping score of a sports contest. Individuals who either watch or participate in sports rely on the scorecard to know who is winning the game, how the competitors compare, and if improvements are required. Leadership development functions need to keep score as well. The dollar investment in leadership development programs is significant and stakeholders want to know the return on that investment. The investment in leadership development tends to range from 5 to 25 percent of an organizations annual training budget (Delahoussaye, 2001). It has been reported that the investment in executive education and leadership development approaches $16.5 billion dollars annually (Fulmer and Goldsmith, 2001). Without a scorecard, how does the leadership development function know if they are winning the leadership development game, how their leadership development programs compare with other organizations, and if improvements are needed?