chapter  2
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Appreciating the deep time of landscapes
WithT.A. Hose

Geotourism, if not named as such (see Jenkins, 1992) has been considered a form of ‘special interest tourism’, an actively growing tourism market. It has some overlap with ‘eco-tourism’, ‘sustainable tourism’ and ‘alternative tourism’ and potentially much overlap with ‘educational travel’, ‘environmental’, ‘nature-based’ and ‘heritage’ tourism. The geotourism concept (Hose, 1995) was developed and promoted from the early 1990s onwards. The first attempts to define geotourism were by Hose who was originally working on aspects of interpretative provision at geological (and geomorphological) sites – or ‘geosites’; for example:

The provision of interpretive and service facilities to enable tourists to acquire knowledge and understanding of the geology and geomorphology of a site (including its contribution to the development of the Earth sciences) beyond the level of mere aesthetic appreciation (Hose, 1995: 17).