chapter  10
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Developing HR Leadership in Global Organizations

Organizations, like people, must constantly adapt to changing realities. Ideally, key management should lead the process, but too often many executives are dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It is for precisely that reason that prestigious groups such as The Conference Board (845 Third Ave., N.Y., NY 10022, USA) strive to provide their membership organizations with reports and programs that will alter policies and practices in global business. In 1991, the Board conducted a conference on "Frontiers for Management Development," which focused on the need to break paradigms in order to reshape human resource development (HRD) systems. At these sessions Fortune 500 corporate executives were reminded that "paradigm" came from the Greek word "pattern," and that the aim was to foster new patterns of thinking, especially about HRD functions such as identifying, selecting, training, and developing personnel, in particular management. The conference topics highlighted some of the very same themes discussed in this book: managing across boundaries by leveraging the power of teams; helping managers to become architects of their own learning; transforming managerial perspectives; meeting the challenges of the diverse work force.