chapter  12
Uniquely Auchan: retailing as invention
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Auchan perspective Retailers sell goods and the goods that one retailer, for example Carrefour, sells are often the same as the goods that another retailer, perhaps Auchan, sells. The question is how to create a unique positioning, a difference between us and the competition. In the past, the key to retailing was to buy at the lowest price in order to sell to the consumer at the lowest price. Although this has led to success for retailers in the past, it will not be enough to be the best in the market of the future. Today, we are moving from a distributor focus to a brand focus. However, there is still a lot of work to do. First of all it is necessary to change the way of doing

Today, to first define what we want to sell. If we want to become the best and to achieve uniqueness, it means that we have to have a brandmission. Whenwe sell 450 different categories, from fruit and vegetables to computers, to clothing, to pet food – what could be the common element that makes us different from the competition?