chapter  21
Ready to scale up: India’s Shoppers’ Stop
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When I first met BSN he gave me his business card. Customer care associate? I thought he was CEO? He is of course, and explained the card as follows. He said that everyone in his business is now called a customer care associate. ’This is about employee self esteem.’ Retail salespeople should not be looked down upon. The idea started when he heard a story about someone who disapproved of his daughter marrying one of his ‘salesmen’. Does this remind you of Asda’s ‘colleagues’? This was just the first of several times when I was struck by Nagesh’s determination toapply thebest ideashe canfind toanew, growingbusiness – andof the difficulties of persuading people that retailing can be a large scale, professional

him again talked challenges in setting up and developing one of the very first modern retail chains in India.