chapter  7
Standards Convergence in Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting
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A simple example is the use of internet over mobile networks. IP applications (including IP streaming) have developed as internet applications under the aegis of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFCs. For example, the real-time streaming protocol used over the internet (RTSP) is governed by RFC 2326. When the use of this application, in this case the “streaming application,” moves to a

different environment, e.g., a mobile network, the same standard cannot be used. Mobile devices are limited in terms of resources, such as processing and memory, and have their own standards and architecture for voice and data connectivity. “Streaming” has therefore been adapted as a different standard called 3GPP-PSS (3GPP packetswitched streaming) under the third-generation partnership project, which incorporates the signalling as well as the data streaming protocols for implementation on mobile networks.