chapter  15
From saké to sea urchin: Food and drink festivals and regional identity in Japan: Atsuko Hashimoto and David J. Telfer
Pages 30

Many foreigners visiting Japan immediately notice the Japanese people ’ s love for food and drink. Food and delicatessen sections in grocery stores and department stores are well stocked with artistic nouvelle cuisine as well as various side dishes that accompany meals. Many food festivals linked to the harvest have long traditions and are celebrated across Japan throughout the year. There are plentiful magazines featuring food and drink. On TV, there are numerous shows highlighting local cuisine, nouvelle cuisine, and international cuisine. Travel brochures and web sites have event databases and one can search by the category ‘ Food and Drink ’ . Although the day-to-day food consumption of the average Japanese household is modest, regional ‘ food and drink ’ components have become an important entertainment element for any festive occasion.