chapter  6
Investigating Marketing Opportunities of a Politically Challenged Island Destination: The Case of North Cyprus
ByErdogan H. Ekiz, Kashif Hussain, Stanislav Ivanov
Pages 14

Tourism is often regarded as the world’s largest and most diverse industry and a major global economic force. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (2010:6) figures, tourism generates US$7.892 billion economic contribution worldwide (9.9% of all earnings) while employing 238.3 million people (8.4% of total employment), representing one in every 11.9 jobs. Jafari (2001:29) posited that tourism made a great improvement from humble figures to leading ones, in particular noting that ‘ in 1950, 25.3 million international tourists arrivals resulted in 2.1 billion USD receipts  in 1998, 625 million international tourists generated $445 billion receipts’. This figure reached to 922 million international tourists in 2008 creating over US$1.1 trillion, corresponding to US$3 billion a day, with a 1.7% increase in real terms (United Nations World Tourism Organization, 2010).