chapter  8
Strategic Destination Marketing, Nagigi Style: Olivia’s Homestay in Fiji
ByAnne Campbell
Pages 12

Consistent in the strategic marketing campaign of the FVB is the smiling face of friendly Fijians. It is reinforced in tourist brochures, on tourism websites and the in-flight magazines of Fiji’s airline, Air Pacific. The image is predominantly representative of the indigenous Fijian population, although indigenous Fijians are involved in the Fijian tourist industry more as front-of-house labour than as managers or owners of tourist resorts, something that is causing increasing concern (Britton, 1987; FVB, 2006; Hall, 1994; Plange, 1996; Poole, 1991; Salto and Ilaiu, 1980; Samy, 1980).