chapter  3
Rebranding Norfolk Island – Is it Enough to Rebuild Visitor Numbers?
ByBruce Prideaux, Terry Watson
Pages 14

Brands are powerful marketing tools that are used to build consumer awareness of a product. From a destination perspective a unique brand facilitates differentiation from competitors. An important element in the branding process is identifying the psychological push factors that motivate consumer segments to select a particular destination type over other destination types, e.g. selecting an island holiday over a city holiday location. Brands build on destination image and should give an indication of the experiences that are offered and in some cases are targeted at specific market segments. Brands may also give indications of value. Over time the psychological push factors of consumers, described as those internal factors that stimulate an individual’s desire for travel, change. This process may be a result of changing lifestyle status, the change from a family with children to empty-nester being a common example, or a change in the level of income of the nature that occurs when a person transitions from employment to retirement. Destinations need to be aware of changes in their target segments and when necessary refresh their brand or even rebrand if the current brand has lost its effectiveness. One of the difficulties of rebranding a destination is that many destination brands are based on location and the images associated with that geographical location. Rebranding may therefore be a difficult task.