chapter  8
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The porticus-with-pavilions: pavilions

In the preceding chapters two principal types of house have been isolated, eachcorresponding to the fundamental social organisation of the family group that built it. To very many houses was added the kind of front defined by Swoboda as the Portikus-mit-Eckrisaliten, the porticus-with-pavilions, that was the badge of Romanisation in most of the European provinces. It must also, by providing two rooms of considerable size, have modified the conduct of daily life in the core rooms, but unless the changes were sufficient to require structural alteration they will be imperceptible from architectural remains. As Koepp remarked in a critique of Swoboda’s book, the fact cannot be underestimated that, in architecture, purpose is the first consideration and form the second,1 so it is imperative to discover the uses to which these substantial additions were put.