chapter  3
Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing as theoretical and methodological foundations for archaeological research
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As Indigenous people of many nations do, I must first situate myself by saying who I am so the reader is better able to understand me. My English name is Heather Harris and my Cree name is Thunder Woman. I am Cree-Metis in origin and Gitxsan by adoption and education. The Cree are people of the northern forests and central plains of Canada. The Metis are a nation of mixed blood people who arose from the social and biological marriage of our Cree mothers and Euro-Canadian fathers. When my mother was young our family was forced to leave our ancestral lands and move west to British Columbia, a very different physical and cultural environment where peoples of the Northwest Coast cultures live. I have lived all my life in British Columbia, for many years in the Gitxsan village of Kispiox. There I was awarded the privilege of spending many hundreds of hours learning from the elders; learning more about the culture of the people who adopted me than I know about that of my birth.