chapter  6
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Area II: growth

Meadow 89 Grove 9 1 What a grove is like 9 1

Grove and temple-culture 9 1 The feel of natural groves 94 Grove and garden 96 Groves and barbarians 1 0 1

Groves and placenames 104 The power of groves 106

Ancient groves 106 Inviolability 108 Divine ownership 1 1 1

Inside the grove 1 14

From the land and all its shapes we turn now to the areas marked by special and vigorous growth, lush meadows and mysterious groves. Groves, as human 'civilisation' advances on its eco-hostile path and destroys other forms of life in its environment, may retreat, like rain­ forests, to the margins: 'In Italy, however, the density of ownership has had many immoral outcomes and in particular has resulted in the seizing of sacred groves' (Julius Frontinus, Bk 2 (RF i.56)). But they may also, unlike most of the areas we have so far looked at, be central, particularly if we look early at a culture.