chapter  7
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Technology: statues, shrines and temples

Statues 1 1 7 The place of statues 1 1 7 Impressive statues and Christian destruction 1 20 Temple, fanum, ecclesia 1 27 What a temple is 1 27 The shape of temples 1 27 Contents and decoration 1 32 Shrines, vocabulary and placenames 1 34 Temples in less developed cultures 1 36 Continuity 143 Instances 143 What are Christians to do with temples or fana? 144

Destroy the fana! 1 44 Build churches! 145

With this chapter we now enter advanced paganism, where the statue becomes the focus and the temple distracts attention from the sacred enclosure. These artefacts are also items which modern urban dwellers readily associate with paganism and which ancient and medieval urban critics of paganism knew should be destroyed. In some sense a paganism with statues and temples was less frustrating and easier to eradicate than a paganism with groves and springs; it at least conformed to a Christian pattern and offered targets. It also brought real paganism nearer to the biblical idea of paganism.