chapter  18
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The practice of dementia care: Ukraine

Irina Pinchuk
WithDemography of Ukraine

Table 18.1 reflects the demographic tendendes in Ukraine as regards birth rate, mortality rate and natural increase/decrease of population per 1000 of population.

Table 18.1 Demography of Ukraine.

As can be seen from the table, annual birth rates have fallen since mid 1985. The birth rate declined from 15 live births per 1000 population in 1985 to 7.8 in 2000. The main reason for the sharp drop in the birth rate is associated with the social and economic conditions in the country. As a result of the drop of the birth rate, there was a substantial fall in the natural increase of population, since the mortality rate remained more or less stable at about 12-15 per 1000 population. Thus, the country has a high percentage of an ageing population.