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Costs of insomnia

At this time there is very little documentation of the economic consequences of insomnia. The National Commission of Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR) in the USA estimated the direct cost of insomnia in 1990 to be $15.4 billion, extrapolating from available data.59 However, in the judgment of the Commission, ‘the absence of hard epidemiological data makes it impossible to calculate the precise cost of sleep disorders, but some data do exist to show that the costs are substantial’. In a 1988 study carried out for the NCSDR, Léger60

examined the cost of accidents related to sleep disorders in the USA and estimated this to be between $43.15 billion and $56.02 billion. Stoller61 made an estimate of the total cost of insomnia for 1988 in the USA, based on a literature review of the economic costs and effects associated with insomnia. Her estimate of this cost was from $92.5 billion to $107.5 billion.