chapter  8
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The abuse of older people in institutional settings

An overview
WithFrank Glendenning

In the 1970s and 1980s investigators in the US sought to establish and clarify our understanding of elder abuse and neglect. The case material that they used was recognisable elsewhere as well. But because it was largely concerned with domestic settings, we became dependent in our description of elder abuse and neglect on the family violence model. Surprisingly, little work was done in the US during that period on the abuse and neglect of older people in institutional settings. Not until Pillemer’s work in the US, and Clough’s work in Britain in the 1980s, did findings of major significance for our understanding of abuse and neglect in institutions begin to emerge. Now, additionally in the last few years, it has become apparent that we are confronted with an international problem in both domestic and institutional settings (Kosberg and Garcia 1995; Glendenning and Kingston 1999). But overall, there is an absence of reliable prevalence studies.