chapter  9
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The abuse of older people in institutional settings

Residents’ and carers’ stories
WithLes Bright

Counsel and Care provides information, advice and advocacy for older people and their carers on a wide range of matters connected with their welfare. The advice service is long-established and particularly wellknown for the quality and depth of knowledge and experience about residential care and nursing homes. Alongside this direct work with individuals in need we have also been carrying out a programme of research examining the quality of care in homes for older people. Characteristically, the research consists of interviews with residents and staff that then go on to form the core of a publication intended to influence policy and practice. The publication is then used as a vehicle for organising mainly local conferences and training events, in partnership with other bodies such as inspection units, homes associations or groups of homes in the private, public or voluntary sectors. This programme of work has covered diverse topics: leisure and recreation, meals and mealtimes, healthcare, spiritual and personal values, and abuse.