chapter  10
Disinter/est: Digging up our childhood. Authenticity, ambiguity and failure in the auto/biography of the infant self
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This essay arises from the Disinter/est project, a collaboration between sister and brother, archaeologist Joanna Sofaer and artist Joshua Sofaer. The project had its genesis in a common interest in cultural models for the communication of specific subjectivities but we came to it with two different, albeit intersecting imperatives, each related to our own location within discipline-specific areas of enquiry. For Joanna this meant the exploration of the role of material culture in the construction of identity and an opportunity to explore the boundaries of archaeological method. For Joshua, the stake was in thinking through the possibilities of a developed methodological approach – in this case archaeology – as a way of expanding the possibilities of art and writing and as an alternative method for understanding the construction and deconstruction of subjectivity.