chapter  5
Swedish economics on the international scene
ByOlle Persson, Peter Stern, Elving Gunnarsson
Pages 20

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Swedish economics appears in the international arena in personal form, in the shape of economists attending conferences or serving as guest researchers or lecturers, and in written form in the shape of contributions to internationally available publications. Although personal contacts and relations are of fundamental importance, we will concentrate here on the presence of Swedish economics in the international publishing market. A major reason for investigating this market is that the publication of research findings plays a major role in almost every field of scientific activity-the field of economics is no exception. Publication serves several purposes. For one thing, it is probably the only way for the individual scientist to establish priority for any discoveries. Since modern science is international, and any subfield may include researchers from around the globe, publication in scholarly journals is a necessary prerequisite for the scientific discourse. Without a system of formalized communication, science would cease to exist as an organized activity for the development of knowledge. In a small country like Sweden international communication through formal and informal channels is of particular importance, since most of the relevant colleagues of a Swedish scientist are active abroad. Furthermore, a study of journal articles implies a quality filter, since the manuscripts have been examined by referees before publication.