chapter  6
Swedish economics in the 1980s
ByAvinash K. Dixit, Seppo Honkapohja, Robert M. Solow
Pages 12

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The two great bursts of creativity in Swedish economics-Cassel-Davidson-HeckscherWicksell around the turn of the century and the Stockholm School in the 1920s and 1930s-are described briefly in Chapter 2 above. Those episodes are without parallel in the modern history of economics. No other small country has produced anything genuinely comparable. It is true that Norway and the Netherlands have originated distinctive schools of thought. But each of those has been, to a much greater extent, the creation of a single great figure, Frisch in one case and Tinbergen in the other. The first and second Swedish Schools did not consist primarily of Wicksell and followers or Lindahl and followers. It would be a worthwhile study in the history of economics-or in intellectual history generally-to try to understand why it happened in Sweden, not once but twice.