chapter  9
Femme-fatale: Re-thinking the femme-inine
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This chapter, using a particular sport subculture, intends to inform understanding of normative gender and sexuality. Discussion relies on research from a larger ethnographic study of an ‘out’ lesbian football/soccer team. The research includes analysis of archival materials and club documents, semi-structured interviews with six players and participant observation.1 The specific focus is how femme-ininities are [re]articulated in football spaces, such as on the pitch, in changing rooms, at training, during warming up and cool downs. The use of the term, prefixed with ‘femme’, is to denote femininity/ies as detached from immediate heterosexual relations. The inclusion of femme identifies and asserts femininity that is chosen, possibly for the female gaze. The intention is to generate further exploration and analysis of the spatiality of sporting femininity/ies from a feminist-queer perspective.