chapter  10
On Verbs that fail to undergo V-second
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In this chapter I develop an analysis for the syntactic distribution in Dutch of particle verbs, verbs with an inseparable prepositional prefix, verbs with the prefix her-"again", and particle verbs prefixed with her-. Empirical evidence based on the distribution of particle verbs and the prefix her-will establish that the finite verb in nonroot environments in Dutch is in situ (or more correctly quite low in the structure). I will show that the proposals developed in Koopman (1994) for the way in which lexical properties are satisfied yield a direct and simple explanation for the paradigms under discussion and solve certain long-standing problems in Dutch syntax. Insofar as these proposals uniquely rely on the mechanism of head movement and are intended as a general theory for the way in which lexical properties need to be satisfied, the analysis developed here yields strong support for my 1994 proposals, which can be seen as a particular implementation of Chomsky's (1993) checking domain.