chapter  8
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Sociology since 1945: socio-genetic and psychogenetic aspects

The centrepiece of this chapter is a three-phase model of theory development substantiated by empirical examples taken from the history of British sociology since 1945. It is intended to show in outline the social and psychological transformations out of which have grown the current state of theoretical sociology as well as the consciousness of the nature of the sociological revolution which is embraced in this book. The presentation develops concretely the strategy that I called 'historical systematics' in Chapter 7. The issues traditionally raised under the headings of validity and progress inevitably present themselves as key problem areas in the sociology field as the result of the proliferation of sociological paradigms, research and reflection in recent times. The model of phases is also intended to provide a framework within which these problems can be reframed. I cannot take these cognitive questions very far in this chapter, beyond a few programmatic remarks.