chapter  XII
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THERE was once a pious man who possessed a cow that ploughed his land. Having, however, lost all his money and property and become poor, he sold his cow to a Gen-

tile. For six days the animal worked and obeyed the new master, but when the latter tried to lead the cow into the field on the Sabbath, she suddenly stood still and refused to do any work. In vain did the astonished owner beat her, for she obstinately refused to budge from her place. Greatly irritated, the Gentile betook himself to the former master of the cow and thus he spoke:

I Take back the cow thou hast sold me, for she refuses to do any further work. For six days she gave me satisfaction, but to-day I cannot make her plough the ground and all my blows have proved futile and of no avail. It was a bad bargain that I made.'