chapter  II
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A great deal of Jewish Folklore hails from Persia and Greece and in medireval times from the Teutons, but neither the dualism of Persia, nor the Pantheon of Greece, nor the bellicose spirit of the Teutons could harmonize with Jewish monotheism or Jewish pacific ethics. In Jewish Folklore, therefore, the principles of good and evil, Ormuzd and Ahriman. are.not equal and independent powers, but the latter is represented as a rebel against the former, the One God, the sole Creator. The names of angels and demons came from Persia, but popular Jewish fancy divested them of their original character and pictured them only as subservient beings doing the bidding of their

Master, the Creator and Ruler of the Universe. Greekjoie de vivre was replaced by reflection, whilst Buddhistic pessimism made room for the optimism innate in Judaism.