chapter  8
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Horizontes: Using Social Work with Groups in the Classroom to Serve the Needs of Latino College Students

Hispanic Americans are the fastest growing ethnic minority and speakers of the second most prevalent language in this country. According to the 1 990 U.S . Census, 1 39,696 of the 22 million Hispanics counted in the United States were residing in Ohio. The state's Latino population was younger than any other group-37.6 percent were under 18 years old. Nearly 74 percent of Ohio Latinos (97,600) were concentrated in the 2 1 northern counties of the state. Cuyahoga County had the largest concentration of Hispanics (3 1 ,447) with Puerto Ricans as the largest Latino subgroup. Be­ tween 1 980 and 1 990 the Latino population of the city of Cleveland alone experienced an impressive 30 .5 percent growth, while the city's white population decreased by 1 8 .5 percent and the African­ American popUlation decreased by 6.3 percent.