chapter  6
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Life After Sixty

On scale of one to ten, life now is a twelve. (Kate) Retirement has been wonderful-the best years of my life. (Roberta) What’s to complain about? I recommend retirement to everybody.

(Sappho) I loved being in charge of myself. I think that was the main thing. The first

morning I woke up and realized I can go where I want to, when I want to, was just an incredible feeling of exhilaration. And now being in this relationship and being with someone that is as much fun and interesting to be with has just been better. (Jackie)

It was this incredible freeing experience. I just love it. I get up in the morning and I say, well, what do I think I’ll do today. Well, maybe I’ll put in a fence, maybe I’ll plant, maybe I’ll go to a show, go to a movie. (Edie)

I’m glad to be rid of the personnel problems. Retirement is like being on vacation all the time. I’ve never been sorry I retired. (Kay M)

Retirement is an exploring experience in time management-you are afraid of things passing you by. (Marilyn)

I still have anxiety dreams about retiring. (Carolyn) Retirement has been a disappointment. (Amelia) I can’t really say I’m retired. How can a person ever retire? I don’t know.

What would you do if you retired? (Dawn)