chapter  9
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Evolution and Maintenance

ByRose Marra

All aspects of the product are part of the maintenance and evolution process. It may be true that the software creation requires most of the effort, but it cannot be isolated from the other parts of the product. For example, you discover a bug in a learning environment you have just made available to users. Although not a major

problem, it cannot be ignored. The bug must be fixed and new software distributed to the customers. Your software development team fixes the problem and produces another set of diskettes or CD-ROMs for customers. If the team views the product strictly as the software, they may think that this is ready to ship out to customers-who on receiving it may have the normal, confused reaction of "Why did they send me another copy of this?" The team must realize that addressing the problem in the software portion of the product is not always enough. In this case, a release letter or installation instructions describing to the customer why they are receiving a product update may also be necessary.