Mental Health Services Experiences of Bisexual Women and Bisexual Men: An Empirical Study
Pages 24

Empirical research on lesbians, gay men, and mental health services has been ongoing for more than thirty years. Research on the provision of mental health services for bisexual women and bisexual men is just beginning. The current study expands on findings from prior research on lesbian and gay mental health services by inquiring about the specific experiences and needs of bisexual clients in mental health treatment. Important information is provided about the motivations of bisexual clients to seek mental health services, their ratings for the overall helpfulness of services received, as well as their assessment of both positive and problematic aspects of the services they received. In addition, themes of importance to bisexual mental health clients are clarified, and further information is provided about the experiences of bisexual clients in terms of gender, ethnicity, and seriousness of clinical issues.