chapter  6
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Theorizing the encounters between governmental and popular ‘geographs’ in Finland
ByJouni Häkli

One of the uniting factors in the heterogeneous ‘critical geopolitics’ approach has been the aspiration to analyze the taken-for-granted constructions on which conventional politics is based. These include, for instance, the imagination of the world as cultural, geo-economic or geopolitical regions, and the conception of global politics as a strategic game played out on a patchwork of distinct territorial units. In seeking alternatives to reality as presented by the dominant players of the global and national politics, the practitioners of critical geopolitics have called into question the very foundation on which relations between states and social groups are forged, political decisions made, hostilities commenced, and treaties negotiated (Dalby 1991: 264-269; Dalby and Ó Tuathail 1996: 452).