chapter  1
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Planning creative literacy lessons

ByAndrew Lambirth

Planning Creative Literacy Lessons offers teachers and student teachers ideas to help conceptualise and implement an effective planning model and inspire literacy learners. All of the authors in this book have been primary classroom teachers who understand the demands of the curriculum and the needs of the children. They have all experienced the planning and implementation of the National Literacy Strategy (DfEE 1998) and have been providing teachers and student teachers with ideas and strategies for utilising the best elements of the Framework for many years. This book is an opportunity to document this work and establish publicly, effective ways to teach English in what might be described as a ‘post-Strategy’ teaching world; by which I mean an environment in which there is now greater freedom for teachers in classrooms to plan and implement activities based on their own knowledge of the needs of their children. Each author puts forward his/her own tried and tested ideas for planning creative literacy lessons based on a view of how best to exploit the Units of Work model that is becoming a popular framework for planning.