chapter  1
Reflecting on reflection and journeys
Pages 12

When there are four editors and all four need to contribute to the introductory chapter then usually one of the team lands the role of telling everyone’s story for them! So, with that role designated my way, I (David) waited for Zoe, Brendan and Lindsey to send over their initial ideas. We had agreed that there would be a series of ‘things’ we must try to do. First, we decided readers should know a little of our background in all things reflective, and so we have tried to locate ourselves in that regard. Second, we wanted to try and explain what role reflective practice has played in our work more generally; this seemed, to us, to be important, particularly as our career paths have intersected from time to time. We also wanted to ensure we offered an overview of the concepts, principles and techniques that we share an affinity with as a team within the realms of reflective practice. Finally, we wanted to present to readers how we feel you could learn from reading the book, inviting you to read it not from the position of your discipline but perhaps from a location and subsequent order you would never have considered.