chapter  11
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Can I Be a Good Animal?: A Naturalized Account of Virtue Ethics


In Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 fi lm Eyes Wide Shut, the protagonist is driven into a promiscuous, dreamlike adventure by a momentary fl ood of feelings of uncontrollable jealousy. This emotion is a result of this man’s conversation with his wife in which she admits infi delity. This infi delity was not one that she pursued with actions, but only with her thoughts and desires. She simply saw a man and had a strange desire to be with him, one so strong that manifested itself in a temporary willingness to leave her husband and child behind. The protagonist was driven to satisfy his own quenches out of wedlock simply from this admission, in which the wife had felt that she had harmed him. It was of no consequence that she did not act on such desires, but that she had them revealed a very disturbing fact about her nature, or the way she was.