chapter  3
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‘Get Some Rhythm Round the Clitoris’: Addressing Sexual Pleasure in Sexuality Education in Schools and other Youth Settings


This chapter invites readers to think about practical ways of including sexual pleasure in programmes of sexuality education with young people in schools and other youth settings. Education about pleasure is contentious as discussion below will illustrate. Even among advocates for Sexualities and Relationships Education (SRE), who share agreement about why pleasure should be acknowledged and supported (as some contributors do in this collection), there is less clarity over what should be included and how it should be done. Hence, this chapter off ers an example of how pleasure education might be incorporated into formal or informal learning about sexualities and relationships. It does not off er a complete programme, rather it highlights aspects that are arguably pertinent foundations for any fuller programme of education; these are also the aspects that sex educators might fi nd most challenging to address given the dearth of learning resources on this subject (in the UK at least).