chapter  6
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Sacred Pleasure: Exploring Dimensions of Sexual Pleasure and Desire from an Islamic Perspective


Islam is not only concerned with the spiritual upliftment of human beings, it is equally concerned about their material and physical well-being and this is refl ected in the importance attached to sexuality. Given the centrality of sexuality in human aff airs in both the private and public spheres, it is not surprising that convictions about the nature and purpose of human sexuality have a prominent place in Islam. The core principle or code of Islam, which covers the smallest details of domestic life as well as the broad aspects of behaviour, becomes ever so prominent when discussing sexuality. As sexuality occupies a central position in Islamic teachings, it is highly recommended to be dealt with as part of the religious upbringing of a Muslim child (Mabud, 1998; Noibi, 1998; Sarwar, 1996).