chapter  6
Seeing with new eyes: Becoming a narrative inquirer in higher education practice
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The American educationalist John Dewey (1938: 38) said ‘Every experience is a moving force. Its value can be judged only on the ground of what it moves toward and into’. Dewey’s words resonated throughout my doctoral journey in England, a journey that heightened my awareness of the impact of a meaningful learning experience on my personal and professional selves. What I experienced, I believe, illustrated what Mezirow (2003) terms transformative learning, ‘learning that transforms problematic frames of reference – sets of fixed assumptions and expectations (habit of mind, meaning perspectives, mindsets) – to make them more inclusive, discriminating, open, reflective, and emotionally able to change’ (p. 58). To me, there was some ‘truth’ in this notion. If a learning process was meaningful, then it could change a person’s conception, perception or assumption about certain matters.