chapter  12
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Dr Freud and Mr Keynes on money and capitalism

ByGilles Dostaler, Bernard Maris

Keynes’s references to Freud are not numerous, but they are important. His letter to the editor of the Nation and Athenaeum, 29 August 1925, on ‘Freudian Psycho-analysis’, contains methodological remarks and an appraisal of Freud’s work that looks like a self-appraisal:

Professor Freud seems to me to be endowed, to the degree of genius, with the scientific imagination which can body forth an abundance of innovating ideas, shattering possibilities, working hypotheses, which have sufficient foundation in intuition and common experience to deserve the most patient and unprejudiced examination, and which contain, in all probability, both theories which will have to be discarded or altered out of recognition and also theories of great and permanent significance.