chapter  7
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Posthuman literacy in heterotopic space: a pedagogical proposal


This chapter uses two complementary perspectives from which to theorize and understand a particular example of online course design and its associated literacies. First, it describes an experimental, multimodal, fragmented online course in ‘E-learning and digital cultures’, designed to be taught on the open web. It then uses Foucault’s notion of heterotopia to consider how we might conceptualize this kind of usage of web ‘space’ within education. Next, it draws on theories of critical posthumanism to explore what happens to our notion of the learning ‘subject’ when we work within such a heterotopic space. Finally, having troubled the notions both of ‘subject’ and ‘space’, and reconceived them as an educational ‘assemblage’ or ‘gathering’ (Edwards 2010), we extend the discussion into the kinds of literacies which emerge within such a territory. We consider first the notion of the ‘lifestream’ as an assessment form, and then move on to discuss examples of multimodal digital assignments as locations which challenge academic writing as representational.