chapter  1
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Introduction: on sociological self-reflection

ByTitus Hjelm, Phil Zuckerman

This is a book we have always wanted to read. We are both sociologists hovering somewhere in the grey area between early and mid-career, and our main area of interest for the past several years has been religion. We have read the theories, we have grappled with the methodologies, and we have learned from numerous case studies. But we have never had a chance to read about how the most famous and influential names in the field went about their everyday work of studying religion and society. True, we have been lucky enough to have met and worked with many of them personally – and have gained unique insights from such associations – but there is so much more we wanted to know. In addition, we feel – no, we know – that there are many others like us who would like to know more about the craft of sociology of religion.