chapter  4
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Bordering careers on China: skilled migration from Taiwan to China

Introduction According to 2010 Chinese census data, in greater Shanghai alone, there are about 700,000 Taiwanese migrants. Migration from Taiwan to China has experienced several waves due to a combination of changes to economic conditions, cross-strait relations and government regulations. The disparity between a newly developed but growing economy and a mature yet sluggish one is the structural force behind such migration. Even when Taiwan experienced economic hardship as a result of the financial crisis of 2008-9, with a growth rate of minus 10 per cent in 2009, China still enjoyed 6 per cent growth over the same period of time. During the economic crisis, surveys showed that more Taiwanese were considering moving to China for work. For example, according to 104 Human Bank, a major Taiwanese Internet job search agency, there was a 30 per cent increase in the number of job seekers looking for employment in China in January 2009 compared to the same period the year before, with 19,567 job seekers competing to fill 6,016 jobs in China that specifically targeted Taiwanese (Central Agency News, 9 January 2009).