chapter  1
Caring for what we care about
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Caring is one of the most important yet most devalued values in the current dominant system which has reduced human beings to greed and competition, and transformed everything into a commodity. Caring for the earth and having reverence for the earth has been considered an impediment to progress. Women’s economies based on caring have been considered as unproductive, and hence are not counted. Caring for other species and other people has been pushed aside in the blind and careless race of grabbing more resources, consuming more stuff, and competing to have the biggest share. However, this culture of greed has created a deep crisis of non-sustainability both at the ecological and social level. The ecological crisis is symptomatized in the depletion and pollution of resources, the disappearance of species, and the disruption of climate systems. The social crisis is symptomatized by the deepening inequality, the increasing violence in society – especially the violence against women – and the denial of billions of people to their rightful share of the resources of the planet to meet their basic needs of food and water, clothing and shelter. Caring must move to center stage as a value to avoid ecological collapse, social disintegration, and confl ict.