chapter  5
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“Colorblindness is the New Racism”: Raising Awareness about Privilege Using Color Insight

Whiteness, Systemic Privilege, and Antidiscrimination Discourse

Unacknowledged white privilege pervades U.S. society and culture. As Caramanica (2012) wrote in the New York Times, “Whiteness is too often invisible on television, so much the norm that it no longer begs evaluation” (p. AR20). White privilege is “pervasive, structural, and generally invisible” (Law, 1999, p. 604) operating on both personal and systemic levels. Peggy McIntosh (1988) described white privilege as a knapsack of benefi ts of which the holder could remain oblivious. Yet the possessor of the knapsack of privilege could reliably depend on the advantages they provide, even though she or he remained unaware of them.