chapter  14
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Girls and gangs: Preventing multiple perpetrator rape


Rape is a weapon of war. The only thing surprising about this statement is that the United Nations Security Council (2008) took until 2008 to acknowledge it (see Chapter 8 by Elisabeth Wood for in-depth discussion of multiple perpetrator rape during war). This chapter examines an emerging frontline, far removed from the “rape capitals” of Africa (Lloyd-Davies, 2011). The perpetrators are not warlords and militiamen in the conventional sense; rather, they are youth gang members engaged in a different kind of urban warfare in London, UK. There is not the scope here to discuss gangs and sexual violence in the broader context, but we recognize that such concepts are relevant beyond British borders (see Chapter 2 by da Silva, Harkins and Woodhams). Indeed, gang research is primarily an American tradition (for a review, see Howell, 2012) and thus this chapter contributes to an emerging literature on UK gangs in general (e.g. Bennett & Holloway, 2004) and London gangs in particular (e.g. Densley, 2012a, 2012b, 2012c; Pitts, 2008).