chapter  8
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Bollywood cinema and contemporary audiences: Surveying viewer perceptions and practices


Globalization and Bollywood film audiences By almost all accounts, the past two decades have been characterized by an explosion of scholarly interest focusing on popular Hindi – or “Bollywood” – cinema. As noted by Gehlawat, “in the past decade alone, nearly a dozen new books have been issued on the subject” (Gehlawat 2010: xi). Themes highlighted by these authors often include the role of cinema in forming or reflecting Indian identity policies relative to the nation-state (Chakravarty 1996; Mishra 2002; Prasad 1998; Virdi 2003), the rise in the importance of Indian diasporic communities (Desai 2004; Mishra 2002), and globalization and “Bollywoodization” (Gopal and Moorti 2008; Kaur and Sinha 2005; Kavoori and Punathambekar 2008).