chapter  6
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Ethnic Identity and Islamisation among the Borewale Muslims of Andhra Pradesh

WithS. A. A. Saheb

In the contemporary world, Islam is a major world religion and Muslims are found in almost all parts of the globe.1 They are all united by the bond of common religion and believe in the same basic tenets of Islam, which are iman, namaz, roza, zakat and Hajj (faith, prayer, fasting, tithe and pilgrimage to Mecca) and the religious code. Beyond this, there is not much similarity among Muslims from different parts of the world. The reason is that they belong to different societies with their own distinctive cultures, especially in India, which has a rich cultural heritage. Muslims of one area differ in many cultural matters compared to Muslims of another area. The Muslim tradition in India is dominated by the prevailing social system characterised by hierarchy, classconsciousness, superstitions, etc. (Shakir 1970).